Cybersecurity Campaign for Rijksoverheid

Advertorial Bethesda

Advertorial Rijksoverheid - Corona Reisregel

Advertorial KFC Nederland

Advertorial Milieudefensie

Advertorial Google Nest Audio Sessions

Advertorial ADE x Desperados 

Advertorial Sexytoys 'Love in Quarantine' 

Advertorial Rijksoverheid 'Helping friends in quarantine' 

Editorial illustrations for VICE Motherboard about climate change

Editorial illustration about falling in love with your teacher (never published)

Editorial illustration on the new music trends in 2029

Editorial illustration on trying meth

Animation on birth control 
(instagram stories)

Campaign to go vote for Rijksoverheid

Samen Tegen HPV Campaign

Client: VICE 
A selection of my favourite works for VICE Media NL. 
Some of these are for advertorials for partners like Google Nest and Milieudefensie, others are editorial works for articles or instagram stories written by VICE Staff 
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