OOMPH! Animation Platform
OOMPH! Animation Platform is an intimate event in MotMot Gallery, where emerging animators get the chance to present their work. They will give you a peek behind the scenes and what it takes to create an animated film. The audience will be encouraged to ask the filmmakers all kind of questions. How much coffee do you drink? What did you take to come up with this idea? Do you still live with your mother? Everything is possible! 
As an animator, I was missing an intimate show & tell event in Breda. Most of these events are in Rotterdam or Utrecht, why not here? There is an art academy based in Breda so we need more events like this. After creating the weekly Sunscreening at MotMot Gallery, I decided to organise and host a new platform focused on animation. With the help of Electron and MotMot Gallery, OOMPH! Animation Platform was created. 
We had our first edition on the 25th of September and it was a huge success! With wonderful creators such as Willem van den Boomen, Juliana Erazo, Mackenzie Fincham, Ivy Kneppers, Eva van den Biggelaar, Tim van Iersel and Alina Milkina. 
In 2022 I will continue this project and set up more OOMPH! sessions. Hope to see you there! 
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